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As with all serious psychological/emotional/mental illnesses, seek a professional for guidance in determining the right steps for you. When you’re done with those, come back and choose three more. If three is too overwhelming (and that’s ok if it is), cross out two and follow the instructions for that one. Join us on this happy adventure as you learn how to unlock your hidden potential to enjoy the rewards of a life well lived. If you know of someone who is depressed or shows signs of or makes comments about death or suicide, please call this number now: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). I’ve added a ton of links in this post to arm you with more knowledge than one post can offer. I hope you find the inner determination (even if that determination is fragile, uncertain and week) to take the next step. ) Write three steps you’ll start taking today or this week on a 3×5 card. It is still what you think and believe that matters.

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The quality of your marriage, for example, is determined more from what you believe and think about the kind of person your spouse is than the kind of person he/she actually is.

And whether accurate or not is really beside the point.

Keeping everything bottled up inside can be one of the worst things you can do. It can make you feel valued, important and worthy, usually feelings in short supply when depressed.

The temptation, as mentioned above, is to isolate and turn off the lights, sleep all day and wallow in what can be abject misery. But it also happens to be unhealthy and self-defeating, reinforcing all the darker parts of your depression.

But if feeling better is the desire of your heart, then isolation to your happiness is like running west to go north. Protect that scared, angry and lonely child by getting him or her out among people. From wherever you are right now, take a baby step forward. But when we pop the lid, the pressure is released safely. Remember, not everyone is emotionally prepared to deal with such intense issues, so if they fall short of your needs, love them, forgive them and find someone else. In such cases, and for its own sake as well, writing down your thoughts and feelings can be very therapeutic. Get involved with your church, temple or synagogue. It may seem counter-intuitive on some level; You’re the one in desperate need, after all.

Whether with a family member, friend, or therapist, crack the seal and open up. One person’s inability to cope with the intensity of the emotion you’re burdened with doesn’t mean talking about it is the wrong thing to do. But serving others helps build a sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

How you feel about your life, in most cases, can be changed, no matter how chronic the root of your depression is or seems.

My prayer is that something here will inspire you to take the next step on your journey to a better life.

If my car is out of gas, I have to add some to get it to run.

If my brain doesn’t produce enough serotonin (the happy chemical), I have to supplement what my brain fails to produce enough of on its own if I’m to feel good again. Others need other forms of treatment to help them overcome their challenge.

Instead, go out, read, play, serve, learn, grow, pray, hike, dance, sing, climb, ride, run, skip, splash, jump, throw, catch, act, go, do.