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Link in to Reply 50%) of Mexican population is mestizo (white and amerindian), then there are a significant proportion of ppl of only Caucasian stock.

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Log in to Reply I agree she looks way more Middle Eastern.

People often over look the large Lebanese and Syrian presence in Latin America.

Scholars, like contemporary observers, continue to argue heatedly over the quality of President Ronald Reagan’s strategy, diplomacy, and leadership.

This paper focuses on a fascinating paradox of his presidency: By seeking to talk to Soviet leaders and end…

Attempting to critically engage that history can help the United States narrow uncertainty, prepare for a long diplomatic process should one…

World leaders, CEOs, and academics have suggested that a revolution in artificial intelligence is upon us.Widely considered Japan’s most powerful prime minister in decades, Shinzo Abe has responded to a changing security environment in the Asia-Pacific — including an increasingly powerful and assertive China and growing North Korean nuclear threat — by…The history of denuclearization efforts on the Korean peninsula gives reason for pessimism, caution, and optimism.She has Mariah Carey type hair and is good friends with Halle Berry. I’m of the pagan faith, my brother is muslim bahai faith, my parents are christian and we are all melanesians.Likewise, salma hayek may come from a christian family, shes still an arab.Rafa Nadal is from Spain and he is just a little lighter than her.