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They rebuilt me ​​and systematically prepared me for the exam.Although I walked calmly, but not very self-assured, I took the HSK test.

I started from an absolute zero level and now I can use Chinese conversationally with my host family and in day to day life.I am very glad to have found LTL, and that I chose to do the 3 city program.Email: [email protected]: 86 10 5100 1269 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm China Time Beijing Central Business District Jianguo Rd.88 Xiandai SOHO Building B, 5th Floor, Room 504 建国路88号现代城SOHO B座 504 Find us on a Map Find us on Google Maps Email: [email protected]: 86 21 3368 0866 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm China Time Suite 910 Building A, Modern Mansion, Xiangyang South St.The teachers are well qualified and at the same time they are able to create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.

The bonds that we have established with them go beyond the simple teacher-student relationship.

Working with native speakers has helped my listening skills both at school and in everyday life.

I still do not understand everything spoken in Chinese (even if I have to know the vocabulary), but compared to the first day, my understanding has improved a lot.

I found LTL on the Internet and decided to do all three cities because I wanted as many experiences as possible, and wanted to see more places in China.

LTL is great for this because their staff give you insider information on the cities and recommendations on how and when to go to a site.

In particular I wanted to work on my listening comprehension which was often neglected in my university course with about 15-20 students.