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The telephone area code is dialed before the local number. Area codes telephone differ from region to region, and in some places the area code must be dialed even when calling locally within that region. Not looking for Escondido 760 area code information?

We also have Escondido 442 area code information for the 442 Area Code and Daly City 650 area code information for the 650 Area Code.

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Beyond area code listings, relevant information about each area code is detailed.

You can also search area codes by state, and within the NANP, find country area codes.

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With area codes search, you can find city area codes in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

Area shows you the area code location covered by each area code; for example, the LA area code coverage area in Los Angeles.

State area codes may be found using Area, but Mexico area codes are not included.

At Area, you'll find helpful information on the 760 area code, including 760 area code location.