A senior dating a freshman

Oldest Newest 73 Posts w wonka5 I'd have a bigger problem with the actual ages than with the class of the individuals.Or get into relationships that last, end, or get you in jail?However, does a senior in high school feel like an adult?

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This author ultimately believes that when the case before the judge is between two teenagers who met in high school, the consequences for having sexual contact should be much more lenient than when the case involves a fully grown adult and a high school student.

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“He lived right outside the football field, so on Friday nights, instead of going to the game, I’d just go to his house.” Coming to college, the secrecy people keep in hiding their relationships has definitely decreased, Witters said.

“I’ve definitely grown out of keeping relationships from my parents, at least my mom,” Witters said.“I was fine with keeping it a secret because I was so over the moon for him,” Shaw said.Many people have had to deal with living under their parents’ rules throughout high school, causing some to want to hide things from their parents, including relationships.Sometimes they would be allowed to hang out in his room, but they never left the house, Witters said.The relationship didn’t last long because she never knew what he did outside of the few times they got to hang out, so she ended it.“After messaging for a while, we started Skyping to the point where crushes developed,” Cognata said.