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Because we know that selection of an air transport firm is not taken lightly, please feel free to use this letter in your list of recommendations for prospective clients wanting a higher comfort level before making a final decision in this area. After my husbands stay at the hospital in Dallas, we transported him from Dallas to Mississippi using another air ambulance.We used another air ambulance because your rates were much higher coming from Florida. The quality of service was beyond our expectations.Again, thank you Dana for your help in scheduling our trip and making it possible to have our mom home during her final days. Your company is the first that comes to mind and I have always been pleased with your response & services. You recently transported my father from Florida to NY. I am a board certified practicing emergency physician and medical director for Vermonts' largest EMS district.

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I have used your services to transport my own grandparents and I do not hesitate to recommend your company to any patient/family that needs air ambulance services. An outstanding experince, but I hope we never need to use you again :-) If anyone asks, I would highly recommend! Your staff in the office were very pleasant to work with, organization, coordination and communication exceptional.We cannot begin to express our heartfelt thanks to all of the personnel starting with the ground transport crew, which picked us up at the hospital to the nurses who accompanied my mother to her destination here in Michigan. Worth every dollar to know Dad was so well taken care of! Thank you so much for making my job easier and taking some of the worry and stress out of this type of transfer. I will probably not work with anyone else in the future.This means they are uniquely qualified to handle special situations that arise at altitude.Whether Air Trek Air Ambulance provides medical air transportation on our own aircraft, repatriation, medevac or scheduled commercial airline medical escort service, you can be assured that our response will be the same: top quality professional care.Our air ambulance fleet of aircraft has the range and flexibility to provide everything from emergency international medical evacuation to a trip home for a critical care patient to see family.

Air Trek Air Ambulance can also coordinate the ground transportation before and after the air ambulance portion of the transport, providing bedside to bedside service.We know that is what you do all the time but your staff did it seamlessly and even worked in a few efficiency increasing modifications as the day of flight unfolded.We want to thank Stephanie Griffith (pre-flight arrangements coordinator) and Joy (gave frequent updates the day of the flight) for their patient assistance.So I had the opportunity to compare 2 air ambulance services. Everything about your service was more professional than the other service. I was completely reimbursed -- the other company did not even offer to help. It was wonderful how the merit team followed us all to the way to new facility. Earl is still telling everyone about his trip and the care & service he received.I also felt my husband's medical care supervision was better! I am sorry to say that my husband passed away in December. They worked w/ ambulance workers make transition as easy as possible. He can't belive he is home and we can't thank you enough for everything!Air Trek works with registered nurses, paramedics, surgeons, physicians, doctors, respiratory therapists and other medical professionals worldwide to ensure the best Air ambulance company possible.