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I am not into pain, being restrained or anything that belongs in the toilet. Always wide-open to ladies; and, once I'm comfortable with a guy, I can get versatile, too.;-) I am absolutely respectful of boundaries, and I expect the same treatment.This group is run by volunteers and we voluntarily collect a twoonie from members who attend our monthly pub night to cover our costs. Once you're comfortable with the group, who knows, maybe you'll be hosting events too!

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We also take great pride in giving back to our community through continued involvement in charitable work such as sandwich making for the homeless, the Ottawa Mission, The Childrens Wish Foundation, Toy Mountain, the Ottawa Food Bank, numerous events for Nations in need and a variety of activities for over 35 different charities!

Contrary to mythical legend, this group is not strictly for homo-sociologicus in their "thirties-only".

On our activity calendar you will find a multitude of events each week including outdoor activities, movies, concerts, casual or fine dining, cultural events, trivia, dancing, self improvement seminars, day trips, themed pub nights, board games, karaoke and dog walking - just to name a few !

You'll have plenty to choose from with ample opportunity to socialize, make friends and enjoy the company of other good people.

There are no pre-selection processes , no lengthy applications to fill out and no pre-approval to join , making us the most inclusive and largest multicultural group in the National Capital Region! Time and again we receive feedback about how welcoming we are, and how this group has transformed people's social lives.

No wonder we took Ottawa by storm and quickly became the largest adult group in the Capital!I will NOT apply pressure on *anyone* to 'change the agreed menu', or make sexual advances on a male that hasn't stated he's open to it---I'm not a creep! I try my best to live by the Golden Rule, and treat people the way they want to be treated.Most kinks are okay so long as we discuss and agree on them beforehand, but, don't expect too much there on the first date, okay?This is your opportunity to make friends , be active, and socialize! The social flavor of our events is a refreshing change to a singles pick-up scene.This is a great place to chill without any dating pressure, so come on out to events if you haven't yet, and make some new friends and acquaintances!;-) Yes, this is a long profile, but it's worth your time to read it ALL. We are fun-seekers and want to live life to it's fullest.