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Animal Welfare Owner ID (HB 4029/PA 99-0310): Requires animal control facilities to check for microchips and other ID means to determine owner. Neil Anderson): Provides the Department of Agriculture will maintain a list of addresses and phone numbers for gasoline and service stations on its website.

If an owner is identified, the facility must contact via mail at least seven business days before transfer, foster home, or euthanasia. The Department of Agriculture will provide the Department of Human Services with the link to this information, which DHS can then post on its own website.

As such, a large number of laws take effect on Jan.

Keeping people healthy and avoiding terrible diseases are the goals of a new law sponsored by Sen. Any child-care facility that takes care of children ages 6 and younger, must show proof their employees received the Tdap vaccine and have received two doses of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine or provide proof of immunity under a new law (SB 986/PA 99-0267) that goes into effect Jan. Major airports in Illinois will have one year to establish a private breast-feeding area set up behind the security screening process in 2016.SB 344/PA 99-0228 also requires this area to include a chair and an electrical outlet and be outside the confines of a public restroom. 1 with a new law that can help save or prolong people’s lives.Business, Commerce, Labor, Regulation and Licensure Amusement Ride Regulations (HB 3359/PA 99-0116): Provides that slides of all sizes operated by an amusement vendor be considered an amusement ride and subject to regulation.Child-Care Employee Vaccination Requirement (SB 986/PA 99-0267 – Sen.Dental License Application (HB 1496/PA 99-0366): Provides that a dental license applicant who did not graduate from a dental school in the United States or Canada must complete two years of general dental clinical training in the United States or Canada prior to licensure.

Duplicative Small Business Regulations (HB 3887/PA 99-0370): Requires state agencies to examine their rules, administrative regulations, and permitting processes as they pertain to small businesses in order to identify those rules, regulations, and processes that are unreasonable, unduly burdensome, duplicative, or onerous to small businesses.Also provides changes made to the training program criteria administered by retailers.Currency Exchange Clarification (SB 1882/PA 99-0445): Clarifies language to provide for a more efficient mechanism to yield services by currency exchanges.As more police officers start to use body cameras, SB 1304/PA 99-0352 establishes new rules and regulations for officers who use the technology.The new law requires police officers who wear a body camera, to keep it on when conducting any law enforcement activities, among other rules.Terminally-ill patients in Illinois will have access to clinical-trial, experimental medical treatments and medications, thanks to the Right to Try law (HB 1335/ PA 99-0270) sponsored by Sen. In keeping with the late Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka’s tradition of government transparency, SB 903/PA 99-0393 ensures that the Online Ledger and The Warehouse will continue to provide state financial records, official reports, and local government finances to taxpayers. Karen Mc Connaughay sponsored this legislation in honor of Judy Baar Topinka.