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Today, the chain operates over 3500 locations in 43 states. Reply I go Loveland Colorado and I always get to liarge drinks . It’s bad and I talking the one on Eisenhower in Loveland . I hope this doesn’t mean you’re getting rid of the two guys. If this is the kind of people your company has working for them in leadership position then I’m glad my daughter will not be a part of your company.

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When the car hop brought my ice cream, I asked her, would she please refill my soft drink; and this time don’t fill it so full of ice, so I can wash down the rest of my meal.

She replyed by saying,” We do not give out refills”. She was nice to say that she was instructed by the new manager not to.

We saw many cars drive away and few went to drive in.

When we finally drove away, there were 6 more cars getting the same experience.

Reply I visit Sonic located in Union City, Georgia. Instead of getting a large slush they brought out a medium slush.

After drinking my slush half way I decided to pour it in my yeti cup and I noticed the bottom of my sonic cup with black stuff in the bottom of my cup. Adam Burn continued to tell me that “Well ma’am it’s nothing I can do about the crap in the bottom of your cup now so what do you want me to do at this point and hung up the phone.

I called back to the location and the night manager Adam Burn told me. I been going to this sonic since moving to the Fairburn/Union City location and this is the worst experience I ever had.

I am taking the content of the cup and have them looked at to see exactly what I consumed.

I know if you pack a cup with a lot of ice, you don’t get a full cup of beverage, that was my case, I didn’t have enough drink to wash my cold and hard tator Tots down.

I dont think with this new manager’s policy, I will be back to do business with this Sonic; and I will tell my friends of the new, no refill policy at Antlers Sonic.

She looks at me sad and I back out and leave I spend over 200.00 a week. I worked at sonic years ago it’s not that hard to wait on customers. Reply This is about the store/drive thru at 1530 Grandview Dr, Bullhead City, Az .