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The spacious desert oasis is home to a number of RV parks, and there is even one right on the Strip at the Circus Circus Hotel.

Rent a motorhome from Las Vegas for an exciting and fun-filled desert adventure.

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They compete for customers with crazy themes and facilities, and almost all have in-house casinos.

Take note: many hotels will not allow under 21s to reserve a room, due to on-site gambling.

At the high-end, these cost up to around for dinner and much less for a lunchtime spread.

Themes are popular in Las Vegas and the buffets are no exception.Comedy, big-name musical acts, theatre and so much more… For annual events, New Year’s Eve on the Strip is a huge attraction, with more than 300,000 attendees last year.But it is not all showbiz - a bit of mid-west cowboy culture hits town for the National Finals Rodeo, while NASCAR makes an appearance at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.Fate rescued Vegas from being a lonely desert outpost, and it has been making the most of this newfound lease on life for many years now.The people are a multicultural melting pot, seeking opportunity, thrills and challenges.A favourite is Le Village, featuring dishes from the French provinces.