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With respect to forming romantic relationships, the poten- tial to reach out to nearly 2 billion other people offers several opportunities to the relationship-seeker that are unprecedented in human history. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 14, 658–681. First, whereas the “field of eligibles” (Kerck- hoff, 1964) for an individual was once limited primarily to members of that individual’s social network, the Internet now affords access to a vastly wider network of potential partners who would have been unknown or inaccessible in former eras.

In North America, where Internet usage is highest, that figure reaches 78%. to begin checking users against sex offender database. Retrieved from com/US/match-begin-checking-users-sex-offender-database/ story? Every domain of contemporary life, from commerce and politics to culture, is now touched by the Internet in some way. Internet initiated relationships: Associations between age and involvement in online dating. Matching refers to a site’s use of a mathematical algorithm to select potential partners for users. Regarding the uniqueness question, the ways in which online dating sites implement these three services have indeed fundamentally altered the dating landscape. For most of those millennia, the resources available to these third parties remained the same: a broad social network, strong opinions about the sorts of people who belong together, and the willingness to apply those judgments to the formation of actual couples (Ahuvia & Adelman, 1992).

In the modern age, the desire to find a romantic partner endures, as does the sense that doing so can be challenging. Second, online dating sites emphasize that forming relationships using their services is superior to dating offline. The Web site for e Harmony, for example, asserts that the services the site offers “deliver more than just dates”; instead, it promises connections to “singles who have been prescreened on . For example, it offers unprecedented (and remarkably convenient) levels of access to potential partners, which is especially helpful for singles who might otherwise lack such access. It also allows online daters to use CMC to garner an initial sense of their compatibility with potential partners before deciding whether to meet them face-to-face. The homepage of Plenty Of Fish, for example, claims that membership on the site gets you access to “145 million monthly visitors” and that “you are not going to find any other site that has more singles looking to meet new people” (Plenty Of, 2011).