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95% of all the crown caps in the world are produced with Sacmi machines.Find out more Sacmi machines are engineered to produce ropp caps that are cost-effective, provide an effective seal (and barrier), are compatible with contents, easily opened by the consumer, are often reclosable and comply with product, packaging and environmental laws and regulations.Saint-Germain-Sur-Moine, province of Maine and Loira, France. Leader in the production of leightweight thermal insultating screeds and in field of acoustic and fire protection, Edilteco has expanded the production site in Saint-Germain-Sur-Moine that today includes four buildings for a total amount of 7000 square meters. Edilteco, Company based in San Felice sul Panaro, international leader in the production of lightweight thermally insulating screeds and best manufacturer in the fields of sound insulation and fire protection, is glad to introduce the first edition of Edilteco Innovation Club, an event created specifically for its international technological partners.

The charter gathers aspects related to the Contracting and the Contracted, e.g.: • The project name, overall goals, the needs it serves; • A brief description; • A feasibility study; • Project products (files, lectures, training manuals, support, monitoring post-release); • Intermediate products (delivered at the end of each stage, such as reports, updated schedules, results of tests and surveys, third parties budget, presentations); • Sponsor, manager responsible and key employees (hired, outsourced, allocated from one department to another, employees under exclusive dedication or part of time); • Steps defined by the delivery of the products produced; • Deadlines (preliminary schedule or timeline with a description of the major processes); • Resources required (preliminary budget, with values scaled by steps); • Restrictions on use of information; • Procedures required in case of change of scope; • Procedures required for approval of the products of each step; • Additional services.Used as a reference index, encompassing all planning and project documents.However, among all the documents, what’s bureaucracy and what’s necessary?To facilitate your search, I listed eight essential documents to guide a successful project.The Prehistory ends when the writing system was invented. No line decided by your team will survive if the strategies and tactics of your projects are not documented. A project planning with its phases explained in writing is the condition for deadlines not to be missed and the budget, overrun.

It’s also the only way to keep the quality of deliveries and, above all, the team motivation. Edilteco with its international vocation, true to its roots of Emilia and Modena, always employed into the field of environmental protection, both for the lower environmental impact and the reduced use of resources is involved into the economic saving for several years.An “ante litteram” vocation with a unique know how which is exported all over the world. Edilteco has started the new year with an higher gear: Gum Gum Spray, a revolutionary product for acoustic insulation.This document fosters efficient project execution and shall make the team communication as transparent as possible.This keeps track of the activities, work packages, resources, durations, costs, milestones, project’s critical path, etc.Find out more Long caps are characterized by a series of advantages that - in many cases and with many types of wine, liquor and distillate - make them preferable to traditional closures such as natural or synthetic corks on account of their strength and sealing performance.