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Chatroulette Map uses this IP data to geolocate and map random chatters on their website (along with still photos from their chats).Chatroulette Map is also nice enough to expose all of its data points to anyone who clicks “View Source.” Right in the raw source code of their homepage is the image URL, latitude, longitude, city, state, and country of every chatter on their map.

The people involved with those want to make as strong a case as possible, which would involve making the person's age known at the onset, waiting for you to hunt out the minor, and it certainly would NOT involve the minor exposing himself.I am not saying that the letter of law was not broken because it would be in most every jurisdiction, but this was not a sting. Here are a few highlights from our findings: Thanks to RJMetrics, the analysis was easy.Getting the data, however, was a bit of a challenge.Recently a person asked if I had a microphone and wanted me to tell them how I'd "----" them.

I said nothing, however it lead to both persons exposure of self via webcam. Hello there: Thank you for entrusting me with your question.

he moved the camera to show his face and I thought " oh shit" and I exited.

As you click from person to person 80% of them are fully exposed and headless.

We started our process at Chatroulette Map, an awesome new site that plots screenshots from random Chatroulette sessions on a map.

It’s a little-known fact that anyone you chat with on Chatroulette can determine your IP address using a program like Wireshark.

Moore, the CEO and co-founder of RJMetrics, an on-demand database analytics and business intelligence startup.