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With the Barnum Manuscript, you'll arm yourself with the most persuasive manipulation technique in the world!In this prized manuscript, you'll discover how to induce the notorious "Barnum Effect" in her mind and put her under your thumb instantly.

Developed with famed marriage and relationship counselor Ron Steven, Re Seduction is a step-by-step method on rekindling lost love through a potent mix of psychological and deep persuasion tactics.Fused with Shogun Method techniques and delivered in a simple roadmap covering the stages from post-breakup to eventual reconciliation.Older women are more experienced in the game of love and life, and therefore can be trickier to attract.The Cougar Seduction system is designed for the younger man to master the game of seducing women in their 30's and 40's.This is where we will release new techniques fresh from our R&D labs to our clients in behind closed doors because these are "too-hot-to-handle" by the mainstream.

The access links are also in the Paid Products section below. Lastly, if you want to get in touch with me, or if you have any questions about your products, refer to the Support Information section to get introduced to your personal Client Happiness Manager. My name is Kathy Yin, and I am the Customer Happiness Manager assigned to take care of you as Derek's client.Texting On Steroids 2.0 is Shogun Method adapted to be used for texting.Great for both beginners (who experience face-to-face approach anxiety) and seasoned player, this program contains proven text templates that will interest and intrigue her.Recommended for clients who have already mastered the foundational Shogun Method™ course.The second installment of the Shogun Method Black Book series includes three Enslavement Mind Games, two new techniques: (Pacing Leading and the "Yes Ladder"), five common Rapport Stage sticky points and the advanced version of the classic Value Elicitation technique.The Intrigue Black Book™ is an advanced add-on to the core Shogun Method™ course, focusing on the first (and most important! Discover how to use advanced Intrigue Pings to capture a woman's attention and get her fascinated with you quickly.