who is charlie sheen dating 2016 Advice on dating military men

Go with the flow and dont start analyzing what happened and what didnt happen.

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You can ask him what type of stuff he would like back home, if you miss him , tell him. if you start seeing him acting more distant and a little standoffish, dont jump down his throat about it.hes prob dealing with alot more things in a day than most people deal with in a week.Some men don't cheat and they won't cheat, no matter where they are.If that happens to be what you are worried about, being deployed isn't going to make any difference.I've been around the military a lot and I can tell you that the amount of adultery on military bases is no different than the amount of adultery in any other situation.

Some men cheat and they will cheat, no matter where they are.

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But he also worked the big question in: "Are you seeing anyone?

" Usually that answer was "no," because although I was dating, there was no one serious. Until one day the answer was "yes" (my current SO).

and military or not, most people dont like good byes so if u felt like he was avoiding you, it couldve been that.