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Emotional disturbance and ongoing substance abuse can also affect a survivor’s capacity to cognitively engage in and potentially benefit from even a well-designed cognitive rehabilitation program.

Other preexisting factors may contribute to poor outcomes following TBI, including a lack of social support systems and environmental factors.

Previous chapters have addressed severity of TBI and other injury-related factors affecting outcome.

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Gaps in knowledge exist regarding the effects of preexisting conditions on outcome following TBI, and it is often difficult to differentiate the effects of preinjury factors from those related to the injury itself or the postinjury environment. Preinjury conditions, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, or mild forms of syndromes on the autism spectrum (e.g., Asperger’s), may also affect an individual’s cognitive deficits after a TBI, as well an individual’s ability to acknowledge an injury, seek screening or treatment, understand a diagnosis and subsequent treatment plans, and set appropriate goals for treatment success. Common comorbidities include depression, anxiety disorders (e.g., PTSD), and SUD, all discussed further in this chapter. These comorbidities may also be differentially reflected in civilian and military populations due to the nature of deployment, prolonged battle, or other challenging war zone conditions experienced by members of the military. 3 Factors Affecting Recovery Multiple factors may affect recovery after traumatic brain injury (TBI), including the individual’s severity of injury; access and response to treatment; age, preexisting environmental, genetic, or medical complications; or conditions co-occurring with the primary condition.

It is important to note that recovery is not one dimensional.

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But the relationship between low SES and a worse outcome may be due to the limited resources available to the individual and the family, including access to high-quality rehabilitation and availability of family members to act as caregivers.