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La Drape shouldn’t raise any eyebrows on headed notepaper, but in a web browser it takes on an entirely different meaning. A better name would have been Bespoke Quilts Walk of Life is a Dutch events agency, but for reasons unknown to us, its URL is

Obviously it’s meant to be Holland’s Hit Festival, but it sounds like it could be a gathering where people get to grips with manure.

There are other variations on the URL, including although this domain doesn’t lead to a real site.

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If you’re looking for a therapist, this Californian site can help you find one.

However, it’s all to easy to mis-read it as The Rapist Finder, which is presumably why the domain now redirects to

We work with you throughout your move or renovation to make it a successful transition.”We’d suggest a name change, though.

It might prevent customers from skipping over the search result in Google and plumping for a company with a less offensive-sounding name.

The new juxtaposition means new words are created, often with amusing consequences.

Consider, if you will, the flash memory manufacturer Swissbit.It’s all about SEO, you see - the process of making your web pages rank better in search engines such as google.We’re surprised that the owners of this domain haven’t changed it, but perhaps the site gets more hits because of the unintentional second meaning? ^Hard to believe it's a genuine mistake, but Black Hat's e Book seems to be Anyone with a head for business knows that the customer is always right, so it’s best not to tell them to eff off in the URL of your website.Perhaps only for English speakers, but when the vast majority of the web is in English, it’s worth taking time to make sure your URL doesn’t have unforeseen semantic meanings.Swissbit must have realised its mistake, as the URL no longer works.Similarly, a website called now occupied by a ‘typo-squatting’ site which simply contains links to other sites.