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Thanks to her hard work the family had many wonderful trips all over the US and even a magical trip to Europe visiting 17 countries.

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He drove truck before he had a commercial driver's license when he was recruited by a local logger.He worked for Potlatch after graduation, then found a logging job with (Chuck) Carlson Logging; his next logging job was with Trammel Logging; and he finally was employed by Finke Logging, operating all the equipment, including driving log truck, but ultimately, he was a skilled loader.With their marriage, Kyle gained a family, as Jennifer had two previous children, James and Cheyenne. Kyle loved all of his children and enjoyed sharing with them his knowledge and experience of the woods and river.Kyle worked for several natural resource companies, including Reggear Tree Farms, Plum Creek Timber, Potlatch Corp. In 2009, he began work as a forester for Idaho Forest Group (IFG), where his career flourished.His mother married Charlie Matthews, and the family moved to Pierce in 1948.

Fred and Elaine then got more siblings: Wayne Matthews, David Matthews, Linda Matthews and Thomas Matthews.

Lifelong loves were hunting, fishing, four-wheeling and snowmobiling, looking for morel mushrooms as well as antler sheds.

All of these activities paled in comparison to the love he had for his wife, Jennifer.

In the spring of 1987 she started at the University of Idaho earning two Bachelors of Science degrees and a minor in five years.

While attending her last year in college she met Dan Hanson and they got married on Jan.

His goal was to work until he was 70, which would have been October 2012.