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She was an avid fan of the Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys.

She spent many hours attending events for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Her answer: 5 ft 5, but on the show, 5 ft 9 cause they make her stand on boxes. said on 27/Mar/06In the torch there is a measuring strip on the door frame they walk through ...

when Welling passes by, it measures him around 6'3ish.

She moved to Llano in 1949, where she became Home Demonstration Agent, teaching 4-H, as well as the Women’s Community Homemaking Clubs for Llano County.

Marthlyn married Ramon Chism on December 27Marthlyn was dearly loved by her family, friends and long-time customers - many were third and fourth generation customers of the cabins.

Jimmy takes a photo of Clark using his super-speed while saving Lois from danger, but it comes out blurred.

Tess decides the story should make the front page for the Daily Planet exposing the mysterious new 'superhero' that.

Kudos to Mack for not fibbing more about her height, an A-list actress her size would probably be claiming 5'7". In interviews her personality suppases the looks of kristin kreuk. ] said on 17/Jun/09she has that next-door girl/bestfriend look doesnt she? she does look very small next to welling on the show and i bet she had some neck cramps looking up at welling and schneider.

said on 8/Apr/09One of the nicest girls ever, actor or not!

As for hair difference with Ed Rob, frankly, that's minimal! said on 9/Mar/09Sorry but to appear as she does next to you Ed. I am just 5'7 and looked always more visibly taller than my wife who was just 5'4.

Heel advantage here is not enough to justify the actual difference between both of you.[Editor Rob: I don't know, the 1.25-1.5 inch advantage she has over my sneaker, ok go with 1.25 inch advantage and voila she is 5ft 4 in the photo.5ft 4.25 if she has a 1/4 inch hairstyle like mine..chances of which are the same as smallville being renewed for 25 years ;)] said on 24/Oct/08Rob, can't wait to you finally get a shot with Kristin Kreuk.

Chloe refuses to continue helping Clark protect his secret, so Clark turns to Oliver for help when Jimmy gets too close to discovering his secret.