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------------------------------ From: "Kayleigh Vanpoolen" Actually the apprarent paradox of my statement is the whole point...besides I Like to mess with people's minds.

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I'm new to the list and so happy to have finally found info on 'The the'.Just got my pc in December and was forever searching for info on the the.Then go tell people you like hockey and basketball, played four fantasy football teams, love the outdoors challenge of climbing mountains and ice, tell them you're in to power and running things but wear a skirt, cook gourmet vegetarian meals for kicks and well, they get confused.So my answer to all this cross dressing and gender bending is that it is only natural because we screwed up in the first place.Seabird99 writes: "I came across this article at one of my car related forums and thought that I'd pass it on here.

I have always been intrigued by "alternative" technologies where they relate to artificial locomotion." For some reason Slashdot gets a lot of submissions of wacko energy concepts - power from nothing, power from sand, power from a black box, engines that get 500 miles to the gallon...

But then you make the generalization about women - like being a woman determines what kind of music or lyrics we like. I mean, the fact that Ani Di Franco has been one of my favorite artists has got to tell you something about me.

It's not women that go for lyrics that are idealized and/or exaggerated, it's all different people.

Wearing certain kinds of clothes or liking certain activities is not a male female thing, but an individual thing.

Based on physiology and the tendencies associated with having certain combinations of female and male hormones may give you a disposition for illnesses or personalty traits, but..I could go on for ever.

Perhaps this is more of the same, but at least it's an interesting write-up.