Alyson michalka dating 2016

Aly grew up in Seattle and Southern California, and was introduced to piano when she was five, and also started acting in church play productions.

Michalka began playing the guitar when was 13 and had her television debut in “Phil Of The Future” in 2004. She continued with roles in TV movies “Now You See It…” (2005), “Cow Belles” (2006), and “Haversham Hall” (2006), in two of which Aly appeared with her sister AJ.

They changed their name to 78 Voilets in 2010, but they again returned to their name Aly and AJ in December, 2015 .

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Aly Michalaka who has a huge net worth, her yearly salary is accumulated to be 5,239.

She earns this salary through her movies, endorsements and ads.

It has been already more than 1 and half year of their marriage and they are a happy couple.

Aly Michalaka is an American actress and singer whose net worth is accumulated to be 2 million Dollars.

The couple happily gets married in Portofino, Italy on June 6, 2015.

With her soulful voice, she is 5 feet 8 inch tall in her height which perfectly suits her.

Michalka, and later starred in Todd Graff’s “Bandslam” (2009) and had a supporting role in “Easy A” (2010) starring Emma Stone.

In 2010, Aly played a leading role as Marti Perkins in a comedy-drama “Hellcats”, which was aired for one season.

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In addition to appearing in both film and on television, Aly is also a musician, guitarist, singer, and songwriter which has improved her wealth.