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Submissions are linked by email address so if you keep using the same email they will all link together. It will use one email and keep all of your submissions and messages in one place.

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However they were in most cases the best submissions.

Why don't you make a new category for previous winners with prizes? We have been passing around a new way for submitters to earn money that is effective for all ...

Keep in mind, were more focused on quality, not quantity.

You're more than welcome to try again or better yet taking some newer photos that meet criteria. - Blake11th July 2018 - i know that the rules were changed so the same semi pro submitters would not win all the time.

Top 4 leaders will receive 0.00 USD Each 31-40 Year old.

Top 4 leaders will receive 0.00 USD Each 41-50 Year old.Sure for the porn world sharing on social media is a little complicated ... Remember Watchersweb is free so if you're putting your link anywhere the chances of your exposure will go through the roof. ""Fire Cracker - We have had a pretty shitty couple of months lately so we need a little pick me up.A friend mentioned Watchersweb to me and I was intrigued. I will put pictures in the blue section and the homemodels section so you get to see everything.Try clicking 'Forgot Password' at login or simply create a new account. If you have any other issues send a ticket to the support team. sent two submissions in and both got a notice back saying they weren't going to be accepted due to close ups out of focus etc, fair enough I thought, however the very day that email arrived there were pictures so blurry that it was difficult to distinguish what was going on.- Blake 16th July 2018 - I saw a post on here and the man said "if you comment rude, I will be rude back". If you don't like the post, why would you take the time to go give it a negative comment? It is very upsetting when you advertise saying that you are desperate for subs and then turn them away.however its a complex complication that will take some time.