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Please indicate the name of the cemetery and the person, when you request a photograph. Records for individual towns were made available to libraries and historical societies throughout Connecticut.

The data has been collected from several sources, including the Hale Cemetery Collection (see history, below). Hale began copying and indexing the essential information from every headstone in the State.In addition, thanks to volunteer photographer, Carl Meyers, digital photographs of the stones in this cemetery are available upon request. Two copies of these listings were deposited in the State Library.In 1916, he became involved in locating and decorating the graves of Revolutionary and Civil War veterans in his home town of Rocky Hill. In 1919, the General Assembly made an appropriation to carry on this work throughout the State. We have tried very hard to avoid creating new errors during the retyping of this data for the internet.In order to make it easier to find these graves, he decided to record each veteran's name, date of death and military service. In addition, we have attempted to correct some of the original errors, either by revisiting these cemeteries or by recalculating dates or ages based on known dates of birth for some of these people.Plenty of seating available to enjoy your meal on-site - or we'll pack it to go and you can enjoy at home. Our club has enjoyed an incredible tradition of hosting a High School aged International Exchange Student for many years.

Each Host Family has reported a memorable experience that has impacted the Host Family as much or more than the exchange student. To learn more, contact Alex Grantcharov, our Youth Exchange Officer, or any club member.During the 2015/2016 Rotary Year, our club sponsored outgoing International Exchange Students and hosted Incoming International Exchange Students.Here are just a few photos highlighting this wonderful experience.If you live near a cemetery in Fairfield County, CT and wish to contribute data or add additional information to an existing cemetery collection, please email Barbara Kaye. If you are interested in volunteering to transcribe other cemetery records, we'll help get you started! Hale Collection of Headstone Inscriptions resides at the Connecticut State Library. Some errors were made either at the time of the survey of the cemeteries or during the transcription in 1935.Charles Hale was a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. One common error in reading old headstones is mistaking a four for a one.A special shout-out to thank our very own Lisa Lynn Kirkpatrick and her husband Gil and their family and our own John Engel and his wife Melissa and their family for providing warm, welcoming host homes for Constantin this year.