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After the success of a cookbook and a crafting book (2006’s “I wanted to do it like a PBS-type deal, and they’re great—but after a while, you do want to laugh,” Sedaris says.

In making the announcement, Vice President and Executive Editor Amy Einhorn said, "We're thrilled to be publishing Amy Sedaris.She's a brilliant wit, hilarious storyteller, and we look forward to hearing her advice on everything from table settings to seating charts."The inspiration for I LIKE YOU comes from Sedaris's own domestic expertise.Comedianne Amy Sedaris confronts vulgarity with a daring innocence to create her wickedly absurd characters.You may best remember her as America's most lovable skank, Jerri Blank, from the hyper-irreverent series Strangers With Candy. to write plays with her brother, author David Sedaris, who has hilariously documented their family's history in many of his books and stories. Along with fellow Second City vets Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello, she wrote and starred in the sketch show Exit 57, which ran Comedianne Amy Sedaris confronts vulgarity with a daring innocence to create her wickedly absurd characters.In its 30-episode run, the show gained her a devoted following and several other television appearances.

Sedaris continues to work in the theater, while also running a cupcake and cheeseball business out of her West Village home, collecting taxidermied animals, fake food, googly eyes, and sometimes appearing on Sex and the City and Just Shoot Me.Take a peek at his high kick 42 seconds into the trailer.Be sure to take special notice of Sedaris on the floor doing some exercise. It's straight from Angela Lansbury's iconic workout tape.trailer above, enter the delightfully wacky world of Sedaris as she does it all, from bath tips (oatmeal in a stocking!) to giving tips on how to reuse American cheese papers (makeup removal! A takeoff of the local craft and cooking shows that Sedaris grew up watching in North Carolina, it features Sedaris playing a version of herself, combining her love of entertaining with the twisted sense of humor that she and her writing partner, Paul Dinello, brought to and other projects.“I just liked the idea of a woman doing a show out of her home. That’s where it came from.”In one episode, Sedaris shows two children a safety film that features horrific crafting accidents.