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Accordingly it is quite incorrect to say that any one has been appointed a Monsignor by the pope.

Those only bear the title of Monsignor, who are familiares summi pontificis , those who, by virtue of some distinction bestowed upon them, belong as it were to the family and the retinue of the Holy Father.These familiares are entitled to be present in the cappella pontificia (when the pope celebrates solemn Mass), and to participate in all public celebrations purely religious or ecclesiastical in character, at which the pope, the cardinals, and the papal retinue assist.In any case it bears with it a certain prescribed dress.To counteract a widely spread misconception we may state here that the pope does not bestow the title Monsignore, but a distinction of some sort to which this title is attached.The highest general and the youngest lieutenant are equally officers, and the most venerable patriarch bears the title Monsignor as well as the simplest honorary chaplain.

Thus among prelates, both higher and lower, it is no badge of distinction except as it denotes in a very general way an elevation above the ranks of the clergy.

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At present the title is no longer borne by other persons of civil rank, and, so far as the author of this article is aware, no one else lays claim to it.

Among ecclesiastics the title Monsignore implies simply a distinction bestowed by the highest ecclesiastical authority, either in conjunction with an office or merely titular.

Actually all Bourbon pretenders assume this title as a matter of course, e.g.