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Burke had been a constant presence on the show since season 2, and participated all the way through season 19 before finally hanging up her dancing shoes.

Over the years, Burke has had 17 different partners, some more coordinated than others.

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"I think, for us, it was an interesting challenge, because, for the first time, both of us really had to juggle our work schedules so that one of us is more present in the home life when one of us is working." According to Vanessa, celebrities on the show are encouraged to practice with their professional dance partners at least three to four hours a day, and sometimes practices can happen to six days per week."It's a minimum because you actually need that," she says.But with nearly 14-hour shoot days, featuring rehearsals, interviews, and wardrobe fittings, a lot makes it to the cutting room floor for each week's two-hour episode.The ABC reality series, which returns with an all-athlete season April 30, pairs celebrities with professional dance partners for up to 11 weeks of competition, or until they get eliminated.Once rehearsals are over, it's up to the contestants and pros to pull out all the stops for the live show.

And sometimes, taking the stage can come with its awkward moments after rumors of romances and fights have made it onto the pages of tabloids.

Hough, whose sister Julianne judged Seasons 19 through 24, was the runaway favorite in the poll, which is not shocking at all.

His six Mirrorball wins are a record — no other pro has more than two — and was a fan favorite during his tenure on the show.

"Some people go even longer."It's easy to assume celebrities learn a quick routine and spend the rest of the time getting the red-carpet treatment.

But Vanessa and Nick say there's so much more that goes into a full day on taping on the ABC competition show."On shoot days, it's an all-day thing," Nick says.

Her youngest, Phoenix, was only 9 months old when she and her husband Nick signed up for the show.