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The past few months have been pretty crazy for the members of Big Time Rush. “They started dating after meeting through friends recently,” a source revealed.

Carlos Pena married his long-time girlfriend Alexa Vega, Kendall Schmidt went on tour with his band Heffron Drive, and James Maslow reportedly started dating a reality TV star. “He’s super busy rehearsing for his Big Time Rush tour, which kicks off today [Feb. They’re both really busy, but they enjoy each other’s company.” The insider even said that their relationship is "going to get serious soon!

Sage - the advice Sage advice is that which comes from a person of greater experience of the world, Sage in this case can be interpreted as wise. Sage - the Pagan In paganism, when a man reaches the point in his maturity and experience, where he is taking a less active physical part, but still is willing and able to contribute as a teacher, mentor and guide to younger members of the group/Circle/Coven, there is a Sage-ing ceremony held.

This could be likened to retirement from a job, but still being active and contributing on a lesser scale.

He was raised Jewish as he was born in a family with a Jewish father and a Catholic mother.

James even went to a Hebrew school in his childhood and began training in singing at the age of six when he was placed in San Diego Children's Choir by his parents.

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