Are vanessa hudgens and zac efron still dating 2016 Sexy chat no signup required

It truly saddens me that my brows will never look as on-point as hers, but that's just an issue I have to deal with myself. Efron and Collins reportedly dated on and off from 2012 to 2013, and were seen holding hands at Disneyland in October of 2013.

Unfortunately, their relationship fizzled out, but luckily, Lily's eyebrows have stayed forever perfect. Although the two were rumored to be dating in 2014 (hanging out together courtside at an LA Lakers game), they never confirmed whether or not they were actually an item.

I mean, it's what is going on in my life, and I think that my social media can still represent that."Since then, Hudgens has found her stride and a renewed faith in her current live-in boyfriend, 23-year-old actor Austin Butler.

had come together for a TV special to celebrate the franchise’s 10-year anniversary.

Fans were happy to see Hudgens and Tisdale share the screen with former co-stars Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique Coleman once again, but many were disappointed when Efron did not come for the in-person reunion.

Our hopes of the two ever getting back together were dashed once more in 2017 when Vanessa Hudgens appeared on Lily Collins is one of my ultimate girl crushes.

Maybe it's her acting chops, but really I think it's her eyebrows.

(The actor pre-taped a video message instead.) Vanessa has boldly decided to provide actual answers to any queries raised instead of brushing away the awkward moment.

Plus, Vanessa is in immense love with her current boyfriend, Austin Butler, 25, since 2011 so she doesn’t have much to be upset about.I'd be lying if I said that looking at photos of Zac Efron didn't make me sweat. As I've said, these women are as equally stunning as Efron himself, and he's just as lucky to have dated them as they were to have dated him. If you're looking to know everyone who Zac Efron has dated, look no further, because I've got a full report coming your way.Hudgens and the Baywatch actor, 29, had dated from 2005 to 2010 after they met on the set of the Disney TV musical High School Musical.In March 2015, Hudgens had mildly disclosed in a New York Times interview that she was not too fond of Efron’s female fans at the time.Let’s face it, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are original couples goals.