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This was for masturbation tonight or in the shower.

We were a middle class family I didn’t get enough money to spend in watching blue films not I had a computer at my home since this happened long back.

So quickly went into the bathroom and picked up her worn underwear and started smelling them. I started collecting her bra, panties and petticoat to smell it while sleeping and masturbating.

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Even in these circumstances I never thought I would think about sister as a sex object.

But it happened as a miracle since even my little sister Pinky didn’t resist to do adventures with me.

One day, my sister along with her friends was practicing a dance rehearsal at our home which they were performing at their school.

Since our house had only three rooms our hall was the largest so they were dancing in the hall.

Her thighs were in very good shape with smooth calves and fair thick thighs especially round ass covered by a thin panty.

I started imagining touching them and licking them and also smelling them.

So I asked Pinky to come inside my parent’s room since it was litte clean and pictures would look good. Then I shot two pics of her and told her that it was over.

Saying that I went on my parent’s bed and sat over there Now Pinky came to me and started forcing me to take more pictures.

She went like Bhaiyya kay hua, lets take another few snaps please, I need to show them to my friends” etc.

I asked to sit beside me, so she did but she actually went on lying on the bed.

My dad always told me to take a hold on number of pictures because in those days like in early 2000’s we have to develop the photos in the studio which cost extra money.