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They have a collective gang mentality that sees them mix only with their own and contribute nothing to the wider community, adopting the very worst aspects of the /brits abroad' mentality. They label the English as pommie whingers when in fact they are the most whiney, one-eyed set of bad losers (and winners) in the galaxy. Londoners are definitely not what I perceived I thought everyone spoke like the Queen.......ignorant I know. Hence we sought out Aussie Londoners who were prepared to answer our shrewd and imaginative questions: Who are you? What kind of reactions from Londoners/the English did you experience in 2003 (losing the rugby World Cup Final) and 2005 (losing the Ashes)?

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What are the things that you like about living in London? lining up for the bank, cop shop, a beer, getting things fixed... Saturday is hangover/recovery/football-watching day. Sunday I might actually do something like go check out the markets, a new area, museum or something else interesting.

I would like to think I'll go back eventually but I don't know when that will be. Public transport is unreliable, overcrowded, expensive and shocking service. Everything takes a lot longer to get done over here, eg. Friday is always a big night out, firstly with work mates for a beer then kick on somewhere else with other mates to pubs and clubs.

Trying to make an Australian stressed is next to impossible.

You'll need to make fun of "Australia Day" or an obscure radio station they love called "Triple J" if you really want to wind one up.

However, I find that Londoners are more segregated by race in the people they choose to hang out with. I hope you the English have all grown to love us though.

I'd always wanted to live abroad, I was getting a little bored with work and a lot of my friends were over here so it seemed like a good idea. Does England have more or less problems with racism and prejudice than Australia? I haven't been here for long enough to see much racism.They weren't very confident to begin with, which perhaps says something about the sports psyche over here? Their reaction in 2005 was mostly one of surprise, then utter joy. They weren't too arrogant about the victory but that's not to say there weren't any jibes. It's a great place to have a family but there is not a lot to do for a young person. It's nice being so close to Europe (although I probably don't get out of the UK as much as I should) and there are loads of opportunities career-wise. The fact that I now spend far too much time at the pub. I'm normally busy on Friday and Saturday nights and I normally do something on Sunday as well. Sorry to sound like a broken record but the English are friendlier than most Londoners. What qualities do you see in them and do you regard Londoners as being separate from the English? There is something new and exciting to do everyday of the week. It's a nice launching pad to see more interesting countries in Europe. There is always a lot going on, eg football, music, theatre, markets and other things to see. I like that there is always something to do and always someone to do it with. Grocery shopping is pathetic and everything is pre-packaged in plastic 10 times over. Mostly my mates at work, I don't really know many other English people. What would be a typical week for you in terms of your social life? During the week, I probably do something with friends on at least two nights. What qualities do you see in them and do you regard Londoners as being separate from the English? Once you get to know them they are very nice people. I also love that there are people from so many interesting cultures living in London. To experience working overseas and be closer to my girlfriend. I don't see them as being completely separate from the English.