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Acknowledge when he's doing a good job and he'll be more likely to keep up the good work.

Your feedback can be a critical component to your teen's ability to learn new manners and sharpen his skills.

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And there are many manners teens often forget even though they've learned them in the past.

Sometimes, teens need a little refresher in the basic manners department.

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What do you do if you're seeing someone and they have bad table etiquette? If I've spent a lot of time and money on the meal, I can become angry too. I have trouble saying anything because I hate to hurt a person's feelings or be rude.

When most parents think about teaching manners, they envision telling a preschooler to say 'please' and 'thank you.' But, good manners goes far beyond those words and it's important to make sure you're teaching your child good manners into the teen years.

Unfortunately, in the digital age, many teens aren't learning basic social skills, like cellphone etiquette.If I had to have it - if, say, I had small children, if I were a doctor or veterinarian on call, if I were actually expecting an emergency with a sick friend or relative - all the various truly valid reasons for it - I would never interrupt a conversation to take a non-emergency call. I am astonished at the number of posts I see from people who seem to be unaware that it's impolite to flat-out tell someone that they're simply less interesting to you than someone else who's calling. If I'd been in your shoes, OP, I would have accepted the first call back (no telling, it could've been important), but not even answered the second...who he was talking to is irrelevant, his dismissal of the original conversation is outrageous.If it's in a resaurant with noise and other things to look at, I can ignore it but, if it's at home in a quiet room... Maybe you need to change your pick-up locations and/or strategy if you got 2 of these in a row. If a person hasn't learned manners by the time he/she is old enough to date, it'll never happen. And when I say bad etiquette, I mean, they sound like a pig eating at a trough. Loud chewing, mouth smacking, chewed food showing, wearing it on thier face. Maybe it's just one of those quirks I have that limits who I can date? If you like the guy and want to try to salvage it - do it right back in the most sow-like manner possible.