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This makes for a creative and balanced design approach. Our creative side has inspired us to make necklaces featuring historic tobacco tags and antique keys, as well as customized vintage signs and scented candles. Shelly favors a rustic look, while Bonnie leans toward the more refined.Almost all of these barns are found in New England states especially in Maine and New Hampshire and scattered elsewhere.

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A total of 13 timber samples, 10 from the Warner House and three saved from a previously destroyed barn, were sent to us for dendrochronological dating.Eight of the samples, six from the house and two from the barn, crossdated statistically with each other and were used to build a floating 181- year tree-ring chronology.For over eight years, a descendant of the Warner family has been excavating the site and restoring the Greek Revival house located on the property.Although already listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), a dendrochronological study of the property provides independent scientific evidence to verify the dating of the house and present a possible construction timeline for the homestead.We can't make necklaces fast enough to keep up with the demand generated by our peeps!

The Timothy and Lucretia (Jones) Warner Homestead is located in Brighton, Michigan. It all started one evening, yes, over a glass of wine, when this adventure unfolded. Let us introduce ourselves, we are Shelly Eagen and Bonnie Townshend, the brains and the crazy behind "those barn doors".Some of our wares are re-designed and re-purposed, some newly-made. The character of old pieces really appeals to me, and I constantly imagine what stories must be connected to these great finds - who were their owners and what went on in their homes? Through Beyond the Barn Doors, I've also been able to pursue my passion for creating original pieces, sometimes by salvaging and re-purposing old ones, other times by starting completely from scratch.I'm inspired by the idea of making people happy by designing furniture and accessories that speak to them ...Two times a year, we will hold a sale of our "finds" in a 4000-square-foot dairy barn, dating back to the early 1900's. Now, I'm excited about launching my own business and more freely expressing my artistic side.