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Following the exam, you should receive a written report containing the test results.

This report should include the purpose for the exam, the relevant questions asked, the answers given, and the final determination of the examiner based on the polygrams (charts) that were produced.

You may also ask about previous marriages, known children, and known STDs.

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Polygraph exams are used extensively worldwide to resolve relationship issues and are 90 to 95% accurate if done correctly. For example, you can not include questions about theft, drugs and infidelity in the same exam.

This is one of the areas of testing where experience makes a big difference, and it is the consumer´s responsibility to make sure they are getting the best exam possible. All the questions in a single exam must pertain to the same topic, so unless you are prepared to administer several exams, you should select your topic first.

Be very suspicious of any examiner who offers to ask more than 3 or 4 related questions in a single exam.

Relevant polygraph questions must be objective, factual, distinct, and deal with past events.

In other situations, you should tell the prospective examinee that you have suspicions about some particular activity, and that you would like to be able to trust the other person again and feel that a polygraph exam would be the quickest and most direct way for that person to prove that he or she didn´t do something.

Once the examinee has agreed to take the test and you have scheduled your appointment, you must begin thinking about what questions to ask.

After identifying a qualified examiner in your area, you must bring up the subject of polygraph testing with the person you wish to have tested, who is know as the “examinee.”.

In many cases, the examinee has brought up the polygraph option him or herself as a way to resolve a situation, so that makes your presentation that much easier.

When trust is lost in a relationship, it could take years to recover, if ever.

In many cases the evidence of adultery is not definitive and the only way to find out the truth is through polygraph (a type of lie detector) testing.

Test results will fall into one of three categories: (1) Deception indicated, (2) No deception indicated, or (3) Inconclusive or No Opinion.