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They do not know about the special severance packages given to select employees like Midland Mayor Angela Adkins or political hack Sam Rosatone. To this day, readers of the Beaver County Times still do not know that Tony Amadio’s administration “paid off” a multi-million dollar Tax Anticipation Note at the end of its final year by writing bad checks which would have bounced if immediately cashed by the bank, that an additional loan was subsequently used to prevent those checks from bouncing, or that this was done to transfer budgetary deficits from one year to the next in violation of norms.

The Beaver Times was founded by Michael Weyland and was published from 1851 to 1895, when the name was changed to the Beaver Argus. The Times currently produces over-the-top content including their flagship news program The Times Today, Game On, History in a Minute, Get Out This Weekend, and more.

It was changed again to The Daily Times, which was published from 1909 to 1946 and operated by John L. The county’s financial problems, the steps taken to mitigate them, the dynamic results of those actions, and the serious financial challenges remaining, are crystal clear to anyone educated enough to understand what they are looking at or intelligent enough to ask the appropriate questions.Much of the “confusion” about the county’s finances has been the result of the Beaver County Times’ own “reporting” on the subject. Calkins, who combined it with the Aliquippa Gazette, which he acquired in 1943.United States Utah Beaver County, Utah Small town newspapers contain obituaries, birth or death notices, community news (such as the visit of someone's relatives), legal notices and provide historical content.It is quite comprehensive, although additional newspapers may be found in Utah repositories. Click on a title to see exact dates and libraries that have copies.