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The way you feel will be part of your very personal response to bad news and/or being let down by someone important to you.

In other words, someone else in the same position might have felt worse than you do, or might not have been upset in the slightest. Your reaction will depend on the way you are naturally as a person, your specific circumstances and, of course, your relationship history.

The hard reality is, unfortunately, that criticism and rejection are very much part of life.

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If you’ve suddenly been rejected for no apparent reason, the primary emotion you’re likely to be dealing with right now is shock.Maybe, in your heart of hearts, you’ve known for a little while that your relationship just isn’t right anymore.Stick with me, and together we’ll get you through this difficult time.For further information on your particular situation, be sure to also follow the relevant link(s) for even more help: Either way, it’s going to hurt.I know, from personal and professional experience, that it can hurt like a physical pain.

But, I promise - you can learn to handle it, and I’m here to help you find out how.Deep down, you might have been expecting a major fall-out. Or are you automatically blaming yourself, and trying to identify what you’ve done wrong?Or perhaps you’ve felt like your partner’s been changing lately. When you’re in the middle of such a confusing situation, it can be difficult to find the answers on your own.These are all normal feelings under the circumstances.Whatever the form of rejection you suffered, I’ll help you discover new ways of looking at the situation and specific strategies to help you feel better.When you’re blinded by love (or blinded by “really like”) it can be hard to imagine that another person would dump you so fast.