Benefits from consolidating databases is giorgio tsoukalos dating

But consider this: more systems mean more moving pieces, and it’s more likely that something will slip through the cracks.In addition, it takes more people to watch over and facilitate the backup procedures.Having multiple copies of a document scattered across various networks requires more overall storage space.

On the flip side, having everything in one repository makes it much easier to delete all related content once the retention period has expired, thereby limiting your liability – including personal liability for senior executives imposed by Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.Another aspect of content management related to legal matters is Electronic Discovery, or e Discovery.And ensuring that you are always working with the only copy, and therefore the current version, reduces mistakes and re-do’s that result from working with outdated content.Most companies have some type of a backup and disaster recovery plan, which is generally viewed as another type of insurance expense.To support these two repositories, they have to train their support people on two applications and two technologies, pay maintenance fees to both vendors, apply twice as many patches and upgrade twice as often.

The math is quite simple, and the more repositories you have, the more compelling the cost savings become.

In addition to reducing storage costs, having everything in one place saves time.

If you only have to look in one place, you will find what you’re looking for faster.

In over eight years of delivering content management solutions to clients, Blue Fish Development Group has noticed an interesting trend: multiple document management systems, each initially deployed to meet the needs of a specific business unit or department, tend to evolve into a single Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Overlapping systems mean islands of information supported by specialized yet redundant applications and operations.

Again, a centralized repository simplifies the process.