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They send out phones which are not for the Australian market and will not work well here in Australia, because the signal strength on some phones like the HTC Rhyme is very weak and, you will always be out of signal so the phone is useless in Australia. The website pretends to be an Australian online store but, is in fact a bit of a scam website, as the owners of the website are shown as being in London, with a European name, but in real terms are Hong Kong Chinese and Singapore Chinese.

They do have an Australia accountant, located in Melbourne where their company, Digital Skies Services, are registered and not as shown on their website Galaxies Track Services, with an ABN of 28.

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So it was disappointing that I didn't get my product, but their customer support was acceptable and refund was organised pretty quickly.

If you buy a grey import you know the risks and I probably would give these guys a chance again if they have the cheapest price.

To send it back under their dubious terms and conditions, it has to be unopened and unused.

Then they will charge you a 30% restocking fee plus you are responsible for the return postage to Hong-Kong.

The telephone number on their website is a SKYPE out number and not a Australian land line.

They may send you some of the goods you order, mine came short missing memory card, which I paid extra for but, the phone does not work in Australia. Now I have like millions of people on msn Ive only used this site for about two months and its still as fun as the first time i tried. Teen Chat is very fun place to go and just hangout and meet new ppl... there's a lot of respectful ppl here that I've talked to. We hope that your day is filled with pomp and parade, games, sports and illuminations!Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying a grey import smartphone from an Internet website. rang them up a few days later, asked them for my order they couldn't find it, and then they said my phone was unavailable :sthey took my money as well. This is what I posted on Product Reviews: What a terrible experience trying to buy from this is my experience with them.....shows that contempt for Australian Consumer Law Now online: Leave a question or comment and our agents will try to attend to you shortly =)Malhi, wheres my phone?