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You can also reference past road conditions, capture something unexpected and more.You DON’T want to wait and find out that your camera stopped recording after you’ve already been in an accident!

Cautious drivers take precautions to prevent accidents, but what happens if you are not present to do so?When you leave your car parked in a public lot, garage or street, you run the risk of others damaging your vehicle or breaking in to steal your valuable items.Holding them accountable could save you hundreds of dollars in damage over the long run.Many drivers never imagine someone would purposefully get into an accident.But there are people out there who attempt insurance fraud so they can get a big payout.

This can range from trying to cause an accident to a pedestrian running in front of your car.Just like Bernard in the story above, a dash cam can help capture footage of parking accidents.If the opposing party doesn’t leave any information for you, simply reference the video for their vehicle registration information.In his online review, Bernard prided himself on being a defensive driver and took precautions whenever possible to avoid and prevent accidents.Unfortunately, when he left his car parked and someone backed up into it, he wasn’t present to handle the situation.The most popular reason people install a camera in their car is to document evidence in the event of a car accident.