Beth tweddle and dan whiston dating Chat sex on lap top

It's hard to talk about on his behalf but I can see why he's fallen for the ladies he has met through the show."Lots of people meet their partners at work. ON "But Beth's partner is very cool and she's quite chilled out about it."Dan blushes: "For me it's like having your wife and your mistress in the room at the same time."Elizabeth is gorgeous and I know that she will do well on the show.

"You do become so close and you need to be good friends with your partner," explains Dan."It happens on any reality show if "you are working on a one-to-one.You have to develop a trust."Hayley nods: "It's different for other couples who are thrown together."You live in a bubble for six months spending all your time with that person.‘I’ve never been much of a girly girl – in gymnastics your hair’s pulled back either in a bun or a ponytail and make-up is minimal.‘A few days ago I did a photo shoot – my hair was all blown out in this really glamorous style and I had really beautiful make-up on – and I came home on the Tube to meet Steve and he walked past me! It’s nice to have the chance to be sexy and glamorous.She credits her success so far to being teamed up with original partner Dan Whiston, with whom she won in 2010.

"I used to really fancy Dan when we were teenagers," she grins.While the 36-year-old actress is ruffling feathers in Weatherfield as man-eater Andrea, she'll spread her ballet wings to help her win on the ice."I grew up doing ballet and a female star on Dancing On Ice has never done a routine like it," Hayley says.The sexy soap star admits she would like to unleash some sizzling ballet moves as a secret weapon."I loved Natalie in the movie," she reveals while getting into costume at Daily Star HQ."It'd be a dream come true to perform it on the ice."Hayley is currently favourite to win the All Stars show and insists that not even a serious injury to her leg this week will hold her back.“We do expect to be very popular with families and young people but the facilities are also perfect for team-building exercises, confidence building, climbing clubs and exercise.However, she managed to avoid the dreaded skate off, thanks to the public vote, and it was Stephanie Waring and Lemar who went head-to-head to skate for the place on the show, with the Hollyoaks actress being sent home.His colleague, hunky French pro-skater French Sylvain Longchambon, 33, has competed on two series and ended up dating his celebrity partner both times.