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I don't have a problem with his hippy-go-lucky lifestyle and don't have a problem with him being the sort of person who only ever sees good in people, I don't even care if the dark side they hinted at him having from the past rears up just as long as they don't make more stories like his house selling career, that was just stupid and made no sense. Luckily I quite like my spoilers :) The only time there is a benefit to the time diff is if something is going down overnight it has usually resolved itself by the time we get up.

He had the rocking chair, he had the implements and he had the skill but back then the thread was a lot busier and there was only so many hours in the day so to get them all out for Chrissie he choose the easier pattern and one that allows for a full frontal image except on my jumper, (and buttons on a jumper look much cooler than a cardy. Watching Danniboi and Imagine fall apart is humorous enough that it will be sad to see them get back together and why oh why can't Paige be dead?

Trees has been around 2 years now I think that's too long.

I don;t like it because I have a timer record set for FF / Friends and Neighbours and at 6.30 they all converge on each other and conspire against me and I usually miss that bit of Neighbours while stuffing about with the channels.

Well each to their own, Paige is not materialistic, she's not a show pony, she's just not the sort of person who would expect bling with a simple ring pull from a can would do.

I wouldn't let anyone near my hand with that thing (added bonus for me I am allergic to non-precious metals).

All in all though I agree that is has been an extremely lackluster start to the season.The story is already stupid enough I really hope I heard wrong. Oh yeah I forgot about manure girl, that was funny and deserved.As for Brad I don't know why Supercop didn't let him help find Paige, the guy would have been super helpful with all his skills and abilities. He is just so intuitive and intelligent and he thinks outside the box like a pro.Link Gotta love the shot of Mucus shaving his head Given his run of bad luck, (which we know he will get out of), maybe he feels he hasn't been lucky lately. Sonya walking into the OR was just ridiculous and poorly written.Still I think it's a stupid pairing, one night stand providing both parties see it like that (it could happen in a soapie : P ) a little more acceptable but the two of them together is like Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop getting it together. Paul's fall from grace was hardly ground breaking especially when Suzie was his saviour as she has been so many times before.Did the hired goon really refer to Paige as Michelle?