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Went for a drive, were making out, when he whips out his cock, and asks me to suck.

I guess its all about making another man feel submissive right? Went for a drive, were making out, when he whips out his cock, and asks me to suck.

There was a big thread on rimming and tons of people said they weren't into that. I was born a cocksucking slut so I can't imagine not liking it. As I went in a strong smell of unwashed uncut dick hit my nostrils, and I pulled back.

Which is the case is a lot of cultures where it is considered somehow okay for straight guys to get head from or fuck another guy.

I won't put my mouth near dirty, ragged, smelly dicks with rags of flesh on it.

If they're middle-aged, they might not have recovered from bathing hype.

In the early 90s, a lot of us pre and post bathed thinking it would help prevent AIDS. Neither was as bad as the Le Male dick that would follow."Top" and "bottom" refer to fucking.

I have encountered a dozen guys who won't reciprocate. He pushed my head into his lap, but I couldn't hold back and promptly puked into his lap. Several years before I would go down on a guy again.

I feel sorry for the many men here who have never got lost in the bliss of 69 with a guy you care about and are in tune with. A guy who is not interested in sucking my dick is straight up useless to me sexually. If he doesn't want to challenge himself with it I will get bored and impatient with him.

I was young, and had no idea what they were, or what was happening to me. Ultimately there can be cumming but it's the build-up to that I really like.

I was riding him, and threw up all over his face and chest. I guess I'm a freak who deserves to die, according to this thread.

The first time we hooked up, I thought something might be wrong or he wasn't into me, and didn't seem to be into getting his dick sucked all that much, but I asked him if I could anyway.