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Drake has also apparently been on a string of dates with Raye.

And, if you do eventually break off the affair and decided to break it to your wife, you should be prepared for whatever her reaction will be. I unfortunately know how dangerous an affair is because I was one who had an affair in my marriage, and, am thankful to this day that my wife decided to stick with me.I pray that happens for you too should you choose to first do the right thing by getting rid of your girl on the side.But, you may be surprised to learn that I used to be quite a successful entrepreneur.At 14 years of age, I was running several businesses/rackets. I had fingers in many pies, but my best performing portfolio was collecting lost balls and selling them back to bad golfers who immediately lost them again.The couple have now split, with Megan now dating Love Island's ' Muggy Mike'.

Status: Split They had their differences during their time in Love Island, but Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes defied the odds for a number of months.Thanks to those rotten apples, the club called in "the regulators”, aka the greenkeepers, who cheerfully set about kicking everyone off the course. So, I became a member, which legally entitled me to be on the grounds.In fact, I even took up golf and dramatically increased the number of lost balls around the course.Things were going swimmingly until a corporate raider with scuba equipment arrived and wiped me out overnight.Fortunately, I was offered an actual job pumping petrol at the same time and sold my freedom for a regular pay packet.“He's certainly been enjoying playing the field during his time in the UK.