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While her firm was finding enormous success, taking on new projects and providing a solid foundation for her family, something was missing.And she found it in a dress – a thirty-year-old hand me down that somehow fit every occasion and every body.

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I become absorbed in the moment.” Kirsten’s fierce love of animals has parlayed itself into ever fiercer philanthropic efforts.Dedicated to supporting both the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (an elephant and rhino orphanage in Kenya) and the Big Life Foundation (an organization whose efforts seek to stop poaching in East Africa), Kirsten has hosted events in support of several charities, and has commissioned various artists to donate prints to raise funds for her most cherished causes.Because we’re uncomfortable with the unknown – if someone or something doesn’t fit in a category, it’s somehow construed as a threat.We put people in boxes because we want to define them, and we want to tailor our responses to them.April Pride Allison is one of those women who turns heads.

Literally and figuratively, she’s a powerful risk taker who also happens to be stunning in a rare, old Hollywood glamor sort of way.But two years ago, she found that something didn’t quite fit.“I was unhappy,” She explains, “and not in like a boo-hoo, woah is me kind of way, but I was like fuck! ” April’s eyes were wide as she talked about her transition from interior to fashion design.Selling her business, April launched April Pride, her label that began with various iterations of that very dress.The transition into her new career didn’t come easily – with two young boys, April made a move that took her from consistent, stable income, to something more unpredictable.These are the things that we rarely acknowledge, because we want to have control over the way others perceive us.