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I am happier with my "new" username, but have had to repeat the personal changes which I made on original upgrade (getting rid of Bing, Cortana etc) and set up a new restore point and backup arrangements.I spent many hours messing with Credentials Manager and Network and Sharing settings, and came to the conclusion that the former was unnecessary and that the standard settings for file sharing were fine for my relatively unsophisticated network.

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I had a similar problem on upgrading to Windows 10.One machine could not connect to others on the network, although they could connect with it. Rather foolishly on upgrade, I responded to the request to enter details of my Microsoft account and ended up with a username which was my email address.Novell products are now part of the Collaboration, Security, and File and Networking Services portfolios of Micro Focus.Could anyone please tell me what I need to enter for "Network Credentials" to access these shared folders on I7PC from I7HASWELL?More recently and coinciding with the uptick in Tor users, the botnet switched to Tor as its method of communication for its command and control channel.

The botnet appears to be massive in size as well as very widespread.

A recent detection name that has been used in relation to this botnet is “Mevade.

A”, but older references suggest the name “Sefnit”, which dates back to at least 2009 and also included Tor connectivity.

Novell® Inc., a global software leader, began managing and securing work environments and making people more productive in 1979.

Novell was acquired by The Attachmate Group in 2010, and by Micro Focus International in 2014.

On the problem machine I kept getting the constant request for Network Credentials, which no username or password would satisfy. My solution was to set up a new user account using my normal username, and delete the old one keeping my files of documents, favourites etc.