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Children's play item that repels insects We all encounter cars parked terribly in our day to day lives, and it's often enraging -- but these incredible fails may just be the worst parking jobs ever.You won't believe the rest of this photo Senate GOP leaders on Thursday pulled the plug on one of the president's judicial nominees over concerns about racially insensitive articles he wrote in college.Ted Aulich of the Energy and Environmental Research Center (Grand Forks, ND) presented an update that he and his colleague, Chad Wocken prepared, on “US Department of Energy Crude Oil Characterization Research Study”.

They also discussed the Do’s and Do not’s regarding the move from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Safety Data Sheets (SDS).An important date to remember- MSDS must become SDS by June 1, 2015, with distributors having an extra 6 months to clear out old labels.Bruce Carlile and John Baker's talk Baker Hughes’ Waynn Morgan presented a talk on “Crude Oil Quality Management in a Volatile Crude Pricing Market”.With the price of crude oil dropping in half between mid-2014 and early 2015, this was a most timely title.The DOE funding point of contact for this project is Rick Elliott, out of the Washington D. office; the Sandia project manager is David Borns; and David Lord leads the technical team that includes experts from Sandia, as well as the University of North Dakota and private industry.e COQA has offered their support to the DOE in this effort, particularly as it relates to the acquisition of appropriate samples for investigation.

The COQA will look forward to updates on this project at future meetings.Summarizing crude by rail and noting some of the major incidents, as movements of crude by rail have grown ~40 fold, incidents involving railroad tank cars carrying crude have grown also, about 16 fold.He examined API Recommended Practice 3000 and then detailed the flash point, distillation, and vapor pressure methods used for classifying crude oil for shipment.He began by showing historical data, reminding us that this is not the first time crude prices have seen tremendous fluctuations.His presentation included: David Lord, US Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, updated the group on the “DOE Tight Oil Flammability & Transportation Spill Safety Project”.As the CCQTA has grown in number of projects and recognition, they are moving from a volunteer board to a governance board and are also evaluating new approaches to project funding.