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There is talk that President Macron may change this, but that remains to be seen. It is, generally speaking, a 20% consumption tax that is added onto all goods and services bought or sold inside the EU.

In any event, though I don’t technically have an income ceiling as the auto-entrepreneur status does, there’s a “soft ceiling” here that will cause me to make administrative and business changes, none of which makes me any more money…

I also have to pay about 300 euros a year to belong to an agency for profession liberale adherents that “audits” my returns.

Don’t let your achievements stop with one piece of paper!

Build your brand beyond your resume by creating your own website, adding value through industry-related blog posts and being active on social media.

If I bill less than 33,200 euros in any given year, I don’t owe VAT and neither do my clients.

But if I bill more than 33,200 euros to my clients in any given year, I have to change my tax return from a non-VAT return to a VAT return, which means that I have to pay my accountants more (they have to do paperwork) and then I have to turn around and assess a 20% tax on all of my clients (they will now be required to pay), some of which are headquartered outside of Europe and may not know what VAT is – and I’m uncertain as to the deductibility of it for them from their tax returns.

While resume objectives are bland and vague, executive summaries answer one important question: What can you, as an aspiring executive, offer that other aspiring executives can’t?

Basically, an executive resume shows that you’re ready to play with the big dogs, and that you’ve shifted your mindset from “follower” to “leader.” In other words, executive resumes require you to: This isn’t the same as the resume objective, by the way.

You probably won’t take the time (or have spent enough to qualify) to fill out the paperwork to get a VAT refund before you go home.

Some stores have the software and capability to process you on the spot so that you don’t have to pay the VAT at all, but there needs to be a minimum purchase amount.

If the company you’re applying for is extremely conservative, or you’re shifting to an entirely different field, it’s best to stick to the standard formats.