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When Dolphin upgrades are released, they will upgrade the Base files and overwrite your customizations. Page Access Control : Much in the same way that the Navigation Menu controls allow you to control what Navigation Menu items are visible to visitors and members, Page Access Controls allows you to control Top Menu, Member Menu and Page Blocks visibility/access by membership levels. Personalize Email Templates : Your default Dolphin installation has Email Templates preformatted for you, however you will definitely want to read through them even though it is a daunting task.

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Boon Ex is the leading dating software and community software UK online dating site from the premier dating service.Register today and find your perfect partner Online Dating Genie is the secret weapon that has created a new trend in online.The application provides different tools like chats, multimedia functionality, forums, groups, e-mail functionality, events and much more.Dolphin Community Software is a scalable, open source, downloadable and independent and having platform with rich contents for producing exceptional dating websites, social networking and web community websites. You can install Dolphin with a single click using Softaculous, provided by your web host.Boon Ex’s decision was based on online dating market analysis report, which showed that dating software had become obsolete.

Boon Ex believes that dating is only a part of community.This represents a sea change in the way that this sort of development has traditionally progressed at Boonex.“We are very excited about this move and put huge efforts to reach our major goal – be Community Software Experts”, says Boon Ex Ltd. In pursuing its new direction, Boon Ex is planning to release new community products, yet unmatched by the competition.All new products at Boon Ex pass through hardcore testing to ensure exceptional quality and reliability. ( community software experts, was founded on the 15th of December 2004.Edit the Subject and Body to your liking, keeping in mind that some of the emails are sent to onsite email boxes as well as offsite email and that more complex html coding is likely to fail in onsite email boxes.Download free software and launch your own social network, dating site or online community.Once you have your logo created and saved to your local computer, you upload it via Admin Logo.