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Cole's face print is, once again, made up of two black eyes with white pupils, a large frown, and two large, bushy eyebrows.Also on the torso, is a little golden emblem, which is the Earth emblem in Ninjago. Food on the house, 43-inch Samsung smart TV being raffled, 0 for a ticket. Christmas Comedy Cook-up at the National Indoor Sports Centre. It the Winter Edition at Oneil's Place, 33 Hagley Park Road. Rumpari deal (2 flasks Wray & Nephew white rum, plus 1 flask Campari) for 00. SUN, Dec 31 Absinthe Midnight Soiree at the Courtyard, Norman Manley International Airport.

Cole as a microfigure is similar to Cole as a normal ninja but in a smaller scale, and all one piece.

As a ZX Ninja, his cowl has a silver visor which resembles the top of the earth dragon design.

This form is mainly black, except for the streaks and eyes.

The gold Ninjago earth symbol also appears on the upper left of his torso.

His torso is a black ninja robe with black hands and no back-printing.

The printing that is on the front, reveals black clothing under his robes.TUES, Dec 19 Fifth staging of Ghetto Splash at the Waterhouse mini stadium. Featuring Angel Eyes, Empress Nana, Kenneth Culture, Obie Ranks, Tommy Lee and more. Admission: ,500 with invite, ,000 pre-sold, and ,500 at the gate. Featuring Aidonia, Popcaan, Agent Sasco, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Spice, Pamputtae, Freddie Mc Gregor, Luciano, and many more. WED, Dec 27 100 Live stage show at 100 Hope Road featuring Bounty Killer, Ding Dong, D-Burnz, Chi Ching Ching, Sizzla and Tosh Alexander. Cole's weapon of choices include the Staff of Dragons, the Scythe of Quakes, the Gold-Bladed Saw Staff, and the Golden Tri-Scythe.Preluding the storyline, Cole was found by Sensei Wu testing his strength by climbing a mountain with no equipment, and was recruited to the Monastery to train along with Jay and Zane to become masters of Spinjitzu. G Block Promotions presents Boots and Suits Affair at Mystic Vybes Sports Bar, Gregory Park, Portmore.