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puts you in the shoes of a hard-working doctor in Tokyo. All of them have been hiding a terrible secret for years, but none of them are aware of your plans for revenge.Your mother was killed due to a medical error at a Ebisu General Hospital, and the death was covered up by the medical staff. At first, sounds like an intense action story of a young doctor avenging the death of her beloved mother. You end up falling for one of the men who possibly murdered your mother and covered up the crime.They're all different ages with unique appearances and personalities.

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The other party planners are still mourning her death.

You can’t refuse their wishes and are forced to plan a party while being held against your will. You may think you can escape, but a cult member will try to kill you if you set foot outside.

As your romantic interest grows close to you, she will also need you to be there for her.

That means checking in on her and talking to her often. The premise is simple: plan a party and romance one of the four guys or befriend the only female.

It takes eleven real life days, and you must commit your actual time to participating in chats or phone calls.

You’re led to a small apartment that formerly belonged to Rika, who committed suicide.

There are multiple routes you can take in makes dating a 2D girl more serious.

You start off the game as a high schooler who just transferred schools.

, you play as the established protagonist, Hinata Ema.

You learn that your father, Rintaro, is about to be remarried to a wealthy and famous clothing designer, Asahina Miwa.

There’s a huge market for dating sims called “otome games” marketed for women, as well.