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Edward Devotion, said by tradition to be the ancestor of all of that name in New England, was of French descent and of Huguenot origin, the family originally coming from La Rochelle in France.There is said to be an ancient coat-of-arms belonging to the family, dating from the 15th century, with the motto, "," in English "All for the best." All that is positively known, however, is that Edward Devotion was born in 1621 and that in 1645 he was an unmarried man living "in that part of Boston called Muddy River," now Brookline, where, not having an original grant of land, he purchased several acres of Wm.

This was the year that he attained his majority, and he probably built this house as a home for his bride, as about that time, or soon after, he married Hannah, daughter of Daniel Pond of Dedham.Their signatures may still be seen by anyone interested in them, as there is in the Brookline Public Library an old deed, dated 1706, signed by John and Hannah Devotion, and sealed with a seal which is perhaps the coat-of-arms of the Devotion family.On the list of "our brethren and neighbors of Muddy River" who contributed towards the building of this meeting-house, we find the name of Edward Devotion, who gave the sum of £5- This generosity and his office of "tithingman" would indicate that he was more than ordinarily interested in religious affairs.He was a member of the Apostle John Eliot's church, and his burial is recorded on the original old records in the hand writing of Eliot thus: "1685-7-23 Father Devotion buried." His estate was appraised: - Edward Devotion's children were: - So of this family of eleven children, five daughters married, one died unmarried aged 24, and one died less than four years of age. Thomas and Edward were both alive when their father died in 1685 and were then fifteen and seventeen years of age.Safe Link provides an integrated and seamless response to victims of domestic violence through its use of technology and its multilingual capacity.

*Please continue to utilize CMV services by calling our existing toll-free number at 1-800-992-2600 .In February, 1649, we find the baptism of his first child and of his wife, Mary.They were both baptized the same day; the child at the First Church in Boston, the mother by the Apostle Eliot of Roxbury.In 1661 he is chosen for "Perambulation between Muddy River and Cambridge, and between Muddy River and Roxbury." In 1663 we find him again as constable.In 1664 we again find him in the office of "perambulator," and in 1671 again as constable.But no records of their life beyond that time have come to light, and so with John alone we start a genealogical record of the second generation.